One of my favourite treats that is Paleo/Primal Friendly… in Moderation

Sometimes when I am strapped for time in the morning, and I can’t make a proper breakfast, I will just grab a Larabar for sustenance.  I love these bars because they are made with whole ingredients, and I have not seen one yet with more than 10 ingredients (usually there is only 5-6).  My favourite is “Coconut Cream”, but I also love “Apple” and “Cashew”.

Since I live in Canada, there are only limited flavours available.  But if you lucky ducks in the US are interested in these bars, there are many different flavours like “Bluberry Muffin”, “Carrot Cake”, and “Banana Bread”, to name a few.

These bars use dates as the sugar/sweetener, which is fine in moderation for a Paleo/Primal diet. I personally would not eat these bars more then once or twice a week.  Also be careful, some of these bars are not completely Paleo/Primal (for example the ones with chocolate chips).

But otherwise, enjoy!!

You can find all larabar products on their website:

(DISCLAIMER: I am in no way compensated by Larabar for this posting.)


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