Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day!!

I can’t say how proud I am to be Canadian.  I live day to day, not really focusing on where I am from.  Most days I wake up,  go to work, go to the gym, come home, make dinner, and watch some TV.  Not really things you can call definitively Canadian.  But every so often, I see things that remind me of where I come from.  Like a backpack with the flag stitched on it, or someone with a “Canada” sweater, or the Molsen Canadian beer fridge commercial.  All of a sudden, I feel this huge sense of pride come over me.

Every time I watch the Olympics, the anthem makes my throat tight with emotion.  I love when we prove to other countries that we are contenders, not to be pushed aside or scoffed at. I love that the country comes together to celebrate as one.

Well, today is another day we can all celebrate together.  Whether we are going camping, to the beach, downtown Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver, or just staying at home, we will all be watching fireworks and saluting to our great country  (dare I say the best country) with a bottle of Molson Canadian.


Happy 147th Birthday, Canada! We love you.


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