World Cup Fever!

I’m not a huge sports fan. I love watching live games, like baseball in the summer, but I’m not really one to sit in front of the TV and watch hockey or football every week.

The only exception is soccer.  Every two years, when FIFA or UEFA rolls around, I become glued to the television.  I have an immigrant father who grew up on soccer (aka football), so from as far back as I can remember, we always watched the world cup and the euro cup.  My mom even told me that the summer she was pregnant with me, my dad rented a VCR for a month and taped every game to watch after work.  She was banished to the balcony of their apartment in Montreal and made friends with her neighbour, who was also banished to the balcony so that her husband could watch soccer.

Normally I am a huge Spain fan.  I started liking them for a somewhat trivial and girlie reason (uhhhh, Fernando Torres anyone??), but grew to love the whole team, and their tiki-taka method of play. Before anyone shouts “Bandwagoner!!”, I started liking them in 2006, before they started winning like crazy, so there!!

Anyway, I was so disappointed when Spain was ousted in the group stage.  I could not believe that my team, which had dominated international soccer for so long, was out in the GROUP STAGE!!! Inconceivable!! I didn’t know what team to cheer for, and felt like a bandwagoner because I changed my mind every week.

In the end, Spain losing so early was kind of a good thing, because I started to appreciate other teams that I may not have noticed if Spain was still included.  I gained a new appreciation for the game, watching how different teams played with different methods and techniques.

While I wasn’t really  rooting for Brazil, it was absolutely heartbreaking to watch their semi-final game.  Yes they played terribly, but just seeing the utter defeat in their bodies and faces as the third, fourth, fifth goal went in…And on top of that, being the host country, ugh I just felt so bad for them!!

In the end, I will be pretty happy with either Argentina or Germany winning on Sunday.  I’m just looking forward to an amazing game!!


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